List Of Trustees & Members

Current Trustees

1. Narayan Chandra Jena, Collector, President
2. Achyuta Samant, Trustee
3. Surjya Kanta Mohanty, Trustee
4. Satyajit Nayak, Trustee
5. Tahasildar, Tirtol, Trustee
(10.07.2010 to till date)

1. Gyana Ranjan Das
, Collector, President
Achyut Samant, Surjya Kanta Mohanty, Satyajit Nayak
and Tahasildar, Tirtol (All Members)
(25.02.2010 to 09.07.2010)

2. Pramod Kumara Meherdha, Collector, President
Bijay Krusna Mohanty, Debasnan Das, Amresh Routray
and Tahasildar, Tirtol(All Members)
(03.02.2008 to 27.08.2009)

3. Satyabrata Sahoo, Collector, Jagatsinghpur, President
and Bijay Krusna Mohanty, Tahasildar,Tirtol (All Members)
(27.02.04 to 31.08.06)

4. Laxmidhar Nayak, A.D.M. Jagatsinghpur, Trustee
and Bijay Krushna Mohanty, Tahasildar, Tirtol (All Members)
(18.10.03 to 26.02.04)

5. Duryodhan Das, A.D.M. Jagatsinghpur, Trustee
and Bijay Krushna Mohanty, Tahasildar,Tirtol (All Members)
(10.03.2002 to 17.10.2003)

6. Pramod Kumar Pani, A.D.M. Jagatsinghpur, Sole Trustee
(04.07.98 to 09.03.02)

7. Gangadhar Singh, Sub-Collector, Jagatsinghpur, Sole Trustee
(09.05.97 to 03.07.98)

8. Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, A.D.M., Paradeep, Sole Trustee
(06.07.95 to 08.05.97)

9. Ajit Kumar Mahapatra, President Sarada Charan Mohanty
and Patitapabana Hota (All Members)
(15.09.1992 to 05.07.1995)

10. Govinda Chandra Sahoo, Tahasildar,Tirtol, Sole Tustee
(01.01.1991 to 14.09.1992)

11. Adikanda Samantray, President
Basant Kumar Parija, Mahant Bhanupratap Das, Bishnu Charan Biswal and Nityananda Nath (All Members)
(01.01.1989 to 31.12.1990)

12. Bishnu Charan Biswal, Tahasildar, Tirtol, Sole Trustee
( 21.11.1987 to 31.12.1988)

13. Kshetra Mohan Biswal, President
Sricharan Mohanty, Maheswar Das, Daitari Mishra
and Rajkishore Mohanty (All Members)
(01.01.1980 to 20.11.1987)

14. Sricharan Mohanty, President
Khetra Mohan Biswal, Rajkishore Mohantyand Baishnab Charan Panda (All Members)
(1976 to 1978)

15. Uchabbananda Samantray,Sole Trustee
(1972 to 1976)

16. Bhabagrahi Mohanty, President
Purna Chandra Mohanty, Narayan Rath and Kali Prasana Acharya (All Members)
(1967 to1971)

17. Pratap Chandra Mohanty, President
Hari Charan Das and Baman Charan Mohanty (All Members)
(31.05.1964 to 26.10.1966)

18. Pratap Chandra Mohanty, President
Kisori Charan Das, Damodar Das, Baman Charan Mohanty
and Narasingha Panda (All Members)
(09.12.1957 to 30.05.1964)

19. Sarat Chandra Parija, President
Bamana Charan Mohanty and Nisamani Khuntia (All Members)
(29.03.1957 to 08.12.1957)

20. Kisori Charan Das, President
( 29.03.1957 to 08.12.1957)

21. Raybahadur Chintamani Acharya, President
Sarat Chandra Parija, Nisamani Khuntia, Kisori Charan Das and Baman Ch.Mohanty  (All Members)
(29.03.1953 to 28.03.1957)

22. Raybahadur Chintamani Acharya, President
Sarat Chandra Parija and Bamana Charana Mohanty (All Members)
(13.04.1946 to 28.03.1953)

23. Raybahadur Chintamani Acharya
, President M.A.B.L.A.D.V, Cuttack
Bamana Charana Mohanty, Indrapa Kacheri Giridhari Das, Jamindar, Kantapada (All Members) 
(5.11.1940 to 12.04.1946)


The Sarala Temple Trust Board meeting was held on 2nd. October' 2012 on collector's office under the presidentship of Collector, Jagatsinghpur
The devotees are requested to donate generously in the "Hundi" placed inside and outside temple premises. Your donation in the "Hundi" goes to the temple fund.
An ATM is opened near the temple for the convenience of the devotees and general public
Tthe temple "Prasad" is now available for general public at a cost Rs. 35/- per person. Arrangements are made for taking "Prasad" in newly constructed "Anand Bazar", backside of the temple.


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