Historical Background of Maa Sarala

As per history, Tantrik Shakti worshiping was started from 7th. Century onwards in which it is believed that mother goddess is the source of power (Shakti) and highest spiritual bliss. Shaktism, in which power of mother goddess (Matrushakti) is depicted as the ultimate form of power, continued to dominate Buddhism, Shaivisim and Bramhinism after 7th. Century. During this period mother energy was conceived and expected in various ways and the image of Siva accompanied by his consort is conceived as Ardhanariswara (half male half female).

During the early Bhaumakar rule 736 A.D the eight armed Mahinsamardini Durga appeared in the sculptural masterpieces of Orissa. Some eight armed Mahinsamardini idol (Bigraha) seen in some other part of Orissa in the eighth century had resemblance with Goddess Sarala. As per the eminent archaeologists and scholars the period of origin of the Goddess Sarala in Jhankad was during 8th. Century A.D.


The Sarala Temple Trust Board meeting was held on 2nd. October' 2012 on collector's office under the presidentship of Collector, Jagatsinghpur
The devotees are requested to donate generously in the "Hundi" placed inside and outside temple premises. Your donation in the "Hundi" goes to the temple fund.
An ATM is opened near the temple for the convenience of the devotees and general public
Tthe temple "Prasad" is now available for general public at a cost Rs. 35/- per person. Arrangements are made for taking "Prasad" in newly constructed "Anand Bazar", backside of the temple.


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