Maa Sarala Parbana Puja 2012

This year the Sardiya Parban Puja (Durga Puja) will be celebrated with great pomp and show at the divine abode on Maa Sarala at Kanakpur(Jhankada) in district of Jagatsinghpur continuously from 8th. October,2012 (Mulastami) to 21st. October (Mahasatmi). During this period, everday in forenoon, worshipping Sun God (Surya Puja), Chanting of Chandi (Chandi Patha), Sodasa Upachara Puja and daily rituals will be performed by pious brahamins. As per the existing customs at the temple, there will be different types Besa of Maa during the evening Arati and chanting of Chandi (Chandi Patha), Havan will be performed during the midnight.

DURGA PUJA 2012 - Schedule
8th. October 2012 (Monday)Mulastami (Beginning of saradiya parbana puja of Maa Sarala)
16th. October 2012 (Tuesday)
Nava Patrika. The second idol (Chalanti Bigraha) of Maa will be taken to old temple site in the midnight in a palquin.
19th. October 2012 (Friday)Sasthi Puja
20th. October  2012 (Saturaday)
Saptami Puja
21st. October 2012 (Sunday)
Mahashtami Puja ( Sandhi Puja at 4 a.m and Purnahuti
22nd. October 2012 (Monday)
Navami Puja
24th. October 2012 (Wednesday)
Vijaya Dasami (Dussehra) Puja and  Bardhani Kalasa Bisarjana


The Sarala Temple Trust Board meeting was held on 2nd. October' 2012 on collector's office under the presidentship of Collector, Jagatsinghpur
The devotees are requested to donate generously in the "Hundi" placed inside and outside temple premises. Your donation in the "Hundi" goes to the temple fund.
An ATM is opened near the temple for the convenience of the devotees and general public
Tthe temple "Prasad" is now available for general public at a cost Rs. 35/- per person. Arrangements are made for taking "Prasad" in newly constructed "Anand Bazar", backside of the temple.




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